University of Denver Enrichment Program

One Moment: Reading and Writing Haiku

Yosa Buson, Crows and Falcon (Yosa Buson(1716 - 1784)
Welcome to the world of haiku—those short poems that have a magical way of capturing a moment in time! It’s been said that a good haiku is the perfect illustration of the difference between simple and easy. But what happens to the Japanese poetic form when we encounter it 350 years later in English? Must the poems be written in 5-7-5 syllables? And if not, what are the rules? Join me for the answers to these and many other questions in as we explore haiku by three great Japanese masters: Basho, Buson and Issa. Learn about the history of this complex little form. Then try writing some of your own haiku. Please note: This course focuses on both reading and writing haiku, not critiques or workshopping.

Lynn’s presentation was excellent. She is a warm, engaging and supportive instructor. She encourages participation.

The focus on the three prominent Japanese haiku poets while presenting the broader context of Chinese and Japanese ideograms and calligraphy traditions

Celebrating Pablo Neruda’s Odes

Join me on a delightful tour of “Ode to the Cat,” “Ode to the Chair,” and “Ode to a Watch in the Night.” Celebrate the simple things, compare translations and maybe even be inspired to write your own ode.