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Introduction to Poetry Workshop

In this introductory workshop, we’ll explore ways in which sound, image, and idea conspire to create the poem. We’ll join together as a small community, supporting each other’s experiments and learning from the approach of a number of poets.  There’ll be inventive exercises and plenty of feedback to get you inspired and thinking about language in new ways. [Bibliography of some recommended books]

Definitely one of the most enjoyable and helpful classes I’ve ever taken!


I loved how Lynn encouraged us in a gentle and playful manner. She really took time reading and giving thoughtful written feedback.


Intermediate Poetry Workshop: first edition

This workshop will create a community of poets who will become adept at reading each other’s work. Workshop time will concentrate on studying and supporting the poetry of participants and becoming attuned to how their poems come together, both in sequences or manuscripts and in terms of how they resound within trends in contemporary poetry. In addition to close reading of poems, we’ll respond to in-class prompts, practice reading aloud, and look at literary periodicals with an eye toward submitting our work. [Bibliography of some recommended books.]

Intermediate Poetry Workshop: second edition

This class is even more workshop, supplemented by discussions on craft. [Bibliography of some recommended books.]

Lynn ran a great class! The materials she chose were comprehensive and engaging. She challenged us while still being supportive. We had great discussions every session, and everyone participated. Very inclusive and knowledgable 🙂


Lynn built a collaborative community where I felt safe sharing and taking risks, and her feedback on my work was exceptional. This was a fantastic workshop! Thank you!


4 x 4: Four Poems in Four Weeks

The generative workshop is an alchemical space where we’re invited to take risks, through experimentation, on behalf of new and vital work. Over four weeks, we’ll engage with unique strategies that will open and energize our creative process, resulting in four new poetic works or poems by course’s end. Writers of all stages looking for a structure to produce new work are welcome to join us for this generative and focused adventure at the seam where form and content meet. [Bibliography of books on creativity that inspire this class]

I loved so much about this class- the commitments we set up to write- the encouragement- the feedback- the website set up for us- the idea generators – and most of all, Lynn’s enthusiasm and energy for her beloved topic.


This was a WONDERFUL class.  It has started me writing more than any class I have taken.  Writing in a new way, that is, more relaxed. Lynn has a special way of opening a class up to ideas, and igniting the creative spirit and encourages class camaraderie in her relaxed, fun way.


Poetry Craft Camp for Adults

Summer is never over when you come to poetry craft camp!  With an emphasis on practice, play, and learning a common language, each week we will focus on a particular craft element (sound, line, syntax, etc.) and through reading, in class exercises, and optional homework we will investigate, make rules, break rules and share. 

The emphasis is on exploration and play. In playing with possibilities we’ll move beyond writing the same poem, over and over again, and instead gain a deeper understanding into what is possible when we sit down to write. Open to beginning writers all the way up to advanced. [Bibliography of some recommended books.]

Fun and Fearless Forms

Why experiment with poetic forms? ‘Playing by the rules’ can get you out of writing ruts and flex your poetry muscle. You will be introduced to 6-8 poetic forms, read stellar examples by Elizabeth Bishop, Dante, Marilyn Hacker, Theodore Roethke and the ever- talented Anonymous. Then we’ll write on our own and share. Bring your poetic license and a sense of fun. [Bibliography]

Poetic Turns

In this craft-centered class, we will explore ways to change direction using rhetorical moves and poetic structures. We’ll make lists with a twist, become ironic, switch it up halfway through and be concessional—not confessional. Inspired by Michael Theune’s Structure & Surprise: Engaging Poetic Turns, a book recommended by Kim Addonizio on her visit to Lighthouse, the craft shack is the perfect place to make and play—exercises, experiments, and mini workshops. Poets and prose writers both welcome. Get ready for a revolution. [Bibliography]

Poems in Series: Come into the Cage

Sometimes, the best poetry happens the other way around—you contain the space and let the magic enter. In this craft-centered workshop we will write poems that belong together because of subject or construction. Using examples from John Berryman, Martha Collins, Major Jackson, Lynn Emanuel, DH Lawrence, and others, we will explore and practice strategies to generate more poems by pushing against the known. We will tune up our detectors so as not to be boring. Simply put, we will breakthrough to innovation by entering the cage. Ideas, challenges and examples fill the first half of the class, followed by workshop and feedback in the second half. [Bibliography]

Poetry 101: Gotta Start Somewhere

Great feedback on all workshopped pieces and exposed me to lots of other poets and styles. Created a friendly and open atmosphere.


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